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Responsive design is a method of building a website that automatically changes its information and elements to fit the screen size on which it is being viewed. It prevents images from being larger than the screen width, making it easier for users on mobile devices to view your information.

What Exactly Responsive Website?

The name is self-explanatory. A responsive website reacts to something. According to the size and orientation of the device being used to access it. Consider the fluidity feature of liquids for a better understanding. Regardless of the geometry of the vessel, the liquid takes the shape of the container into which it flows. In a positive sense, this is how a responsive website works. Without getting into developer terms about how Responsive Web Design (RWD) is developed using CSS media queries, realize that a responsive website is programmed to adapt to the viewing environment whether you open it on a laptop or a smartphone.

Let’s practice some drills together. Open any website in a new tab and see if it adjusts to fit the size of your PC’s screen. Isn’t that the case? Pick up your phone and go to any website using the browser on your phone. How does it appear over there? Is it readable without having to zoom in or out on the phone screen? Yep! That’s what I’m referring to. Responsive!

Why Should I Go for a Responsive Website?

Here are five reasons why I believe stiff websites are no longer relevant and responsive websites are the way to go these days:

  • Cost-effective: Instead of receiving a separate desktop website and a separate mobile website with limited user experience, you now get a single all-encompassing website. You save money while also maintaining your user base across all platforms. It’s a win-win situation.
  • Time-efficient: Having your developer produce code for multiple websites with essentially the same information is not only inefficient but also time costly. With a responsive website, our developer may help you get greater outcomes in less time.
  • SEO friendly: Another significant benefit is the elimination of the need to run separate SEO strategies for individual websites. For a responsive website, one SEO effort is sufficient for both desktop and mobile.
  • User-friendly: Your user will have the same experience on a responsive website whether he is on a desktop or a mobile device. You don’t have to compromise on the stuff he sees on his phone any longer.

  •  Google-friendly: Last but not least, A responsive website has a single URL that works on all devices. Google prefers to index pages from a single website rather than duplicate material from different websites for desktop and mobile.

LuvBeing World Technologies are pleased to be a pioneer in the field. Our developers have a growing portfolio of responsive websites that they have developed and designed in-house, each one customized to the client’s demands and boasting an engaging design that increases user interest and engagement across all platforms.

Our goal is to make customers understand our services as From web design to technical implementation of your web presence, we offer all services for the development of your website from a single source to an experienced service provider with expertise in technology, design, and content. By improving your site content, we provide clean surfaces and simple user guidance. That’s the reason our services are better than those of our competitors.


Which Mobile App is Best Suited for my Business?

In the last ten years, the world of technology has changed dramatically. Smartphones are rapidly displacing PCs as a result of their widespread use. Businesses are feeling the need to innovate in order to keep up with shifting consumer tastes as the mobile environment grows.

Understanding Native, HTML5 & Hybrid Apps

An HTML5 app is a cross-platform app that can run on any phone, regardless of the operating system, and hence takes less time and money to create. Another advantage is the opportunity for the company to maintain control over the app and easily update it as needed. Alternatively, because an exclusive app must be produced for each platform, the cost and effort of developing and maintaining a native app are higher (Android, iOS, Windows, etc.). To put it another way, you’ll need an individual developer for each platform’s native app. A native app upgrade also necessitates adjustments across all platforms.

The native app gives the user a great, rich experience, can be viewed full screen, and allows interactivity between the business and end-user via device access and push notifications in exchange for the larger investment. In comparison, an HTML5 app fails us on all three counts. If you’re having problems in HTML5, use the “view source” menu (View > Source in Safari) to look at the source code. This will frequently reveal issues such as special characters that you may not have noticed in your usual editor.

An HTML5 app, on the other hand, is simply a more complex mobile version of your ordinary website that can only be accessed when you’re online. Be prepared for delays because it operates on a browser.

A third option exists which is a blend of the two above. The HTML5-based hybrid app may be uploaded to the app store and downloaded and installed on your device, making it available both online and offline. In terms of development, the hybrid app takes less time than a native app because the same code can be utilized across several platforms with small changes. The disadvantage is that it performs slower than the native app.

Making the Choice

Finally, the nature of your business, your app requirements, your target market, your budget, and your time limits will determine which app is perfect for you.

Choose the HTML5 app if your business is content-related, such as a news agency or a real estate agency, and you need to make quick changes to your app and have users who must be connected to the internet for updates. If your product requires the usage of an alarm clock, calculator, flashlight, or camera, or if you’re promoting a game, you should go with a native app.

A third alternative exists, which is a combination of the two previously mentioned options. The HTML5-based hybrid software may be uploaded to the app store and downloaded and installed on your device, making it available both online and offline. In terms of development, the hybrid app takes less time than a native app because the same code can be utilized across several platforms with small changes. The disadvantage is that it performs slower than the native app.

LuvBeing World Technologies has been offering these services to its customers for the last 5 years. We’re a proud and broad team of developers with experience in everything from iOS to Android to HTML5, and we’re experts in tailoring the ideal app for your needs. Visit our Portfolio for more information. Get in contact with us if you need experienced guidance from our developers.

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